Identify Responders & Their Responsibilities

Step 2: Identify Responders & Their Responsibilities


Identifying roles and responsibilities of the staff or external groups prior to an emergency saves time and increases the effectiveness of the response. Responders can come from anywhere and can be utilized in any emergency.

Institutional responders and their responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities can change depending on the cause of the emergency. This 4-minute video will walk you through the most common roles found in cultural institutions and how they operate.

There are several types of responders. The most common is First Responders. During this brief 8-minute video, learn how to effectively work with external responders

CLICK HERE For Working With Responders PDF

Advanced Resources

The incident command system can be used for any size emergency by controlling chaos and creating a systematic response network. In this 10- minute video, you will learn the basics of the Incident Command System (ICS) and how to apply it to your institution.

Exercise Without Leaving Your Seat: Practicing the Incident Command System, FAIC

FEMA ICS 100-b training on Incident Command Systems

Click Here

FEMA ICS 700-b training on National Incident Management Systems

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Responder Templates

CLICK HERE For Emergency Volunteer Contact List

CLICK HERE For Emergency Responders Contact List

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