Develop Response Procedures

Step 3: Develop Response Procedures


Responding to an emergency is the main purpose of an emergency plan. Response activities can change based on the type of emergency and the damage done to the collection. Having a plan that allows flexibility to respond to any hazard will ensure the cultural institution will have a safe and effective response.

The Basics of Emergency Response

When initially responding to an emergency, the purpose is to gather information that will inform the full response. This 8-minute video provides guidance on how an initial response is the best action before diving into a emergency.

In this 5-minute video, learn how to write an emergency plan that provides flexibility during a full response.

Online Response Resources



Know when a salvage operation is appropriate and what teams are needed for a successful salvage in this 7-minute video.

Templates of Forms used in a Response

CLICK HERE For Canadian Conservation Institute Emergency Action Plan PDF

CLICK HERE For Building And Contents Damage Assessment PDF

CLICK HERE For Incident Report Form

CLICK HERE For Emergency Preparedness Policy Template

CLICK HERE For Form Blank Disaster Collection Incident PDF

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