Assess the Risk

Step 1: Assess the Risk


Conducting a risk assessment prior to building or updating an emergency plan provides an institution with clear, concise data to implement effective mitigation and preparedness measures. This includes a practical and comprehensive emergency plan.

Conducting a Risk Assessment

Conducing risk assessments can be achieved by all types and sizes of institutions. This brief 10-minute video breaks down the process to make it easy to understand and execute.

CLICK HERE For Risk Assessment Process Manual

Advanced Resources for Risk Assessment

The interpretation of risk assessments should be included in all emergency plans to inform hazards and vulnerabilities. This brief 2-minute video will guide institutions on this incorporation between risk assessments and emergency plans.

CLICK HERE For Risk Manual

CLICK HERE For Training Guide

Risk Assessment Templates

CLICK HERE For Risk Prioritization Worksheet

CLICK HERE For Rapid Building Site Assessment

CLICK HERE For NPS Risk Assessment Worksheet

CLICK HERE For Identify The Hazards PDF

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