Collections Development & Management Policies

Join peers and colleagues in this free workshop series to enhance collections development/management policies at your organization through the Florida Connecting to Collections program. We welcome staff of museums, archives, zoos, library special collections, and archaeology collections to participate in discussion- and webinar-based workshops in your region of Florida. We will pair mentors with mentees to help guide the learning process, and connect people through our online learning community. 

Develop your Collections Development or Management Policy through this series of free workshops! 

  • Collections management is the term used by museums for the document. It is approved by the governing authority that specifies the museum’s policies regarding all collections-related issues. 
  • Collections development is the term used by libraries and archives for the document. It establishes standards that regulate the library’s or archive’s collections-related activities. This program underscores similarities and explores differences, including implications for how each type of organization manages and develops their collections. There is extensive overlap in the content and structure of these policies, but significant differences as well.

Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), this new program provides opportunities for collecting organizations to work in discussion groups on an a-la-carte basis to develop collections policies. Organizations can choose if they want to develop a full plan (by participating in all of the modules) or if they want to work on certain aspect(s) of their plan (by choosing which modules fit the needs of their collections and their staff schedule). 

You can participate as either a mentor or mentee in this program!

Mentor – Join us as a mentor and share your expertise and skills with colleagues (your organization will receive a $125 honorarium to help defray your mileage and incidental expenses). 

  • As an experienced colleague, you would be paired with two or three mentees to answer questions and provide guidance and feedback as they develop their plan.
  • Some mentors will serve as a workshop host. Your organization would provide meeting space for group discussions and webinars in a hands-on training environment. 
  • Collections Care Enhancement – Involving Boards Mentor: For this role, selected mentors will be responsible for facilitating discussion about ways to improve collections care at a mentee organization – and follow-up the discussion with both written collection care recommendations and presentation at a board meeting.

Mentee – Join us a mentee and improve or develop your policy in a supportive environment. 

  • You will be paired with a mentor located within your region to assist in your plan.
  • Some mentees will serve as workshop host. These organizations will welcome discussion about their collections care practices as part of Collections Care Enhancement – Involving Boards. The mentor leading that discussion will return to present written recommendations at a board meeting – involving the board in strategizing about ways to improve and fund collections care. 


Module 4-Putting your Document Together/Training and Practical Applications/ Educating Elected Officials
  • Workshop #1: Webinar/In-Person Discussions
    Date: August 4, 2017
    Locations: Florida Museum of Natural History-Gainesville, HistoryMiami, & Ringling Museum-Sarasota
  • *Mid-Module Potential Webinars: Sustainability or Code of Ethics
    Date: August 18, 2017
  • Workshop #2: Online Writers Workshop
    Date: September 1, 2017
    Location: Virtual
  • Application Deadline: July 26, 2017

*Note: Mid-Module Potential Webinars will be voted on by participants in the program. ALL TBD locations centrally located in 3 to 4 Florida regions for access to all participants. You must commit to both workshops in each module; you will be asked to prepare for Workshop 1 and do an assignment between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2. These assignments will enhance or develop  your organization’s policy. 

Past Modules

Module #2-Loans/Documentation/Inventory and Audits
  • Workshop #1: Webinar/In-Person Discussions
    Date: February 24, 2017
    Locations: Cummer Museum-Jacksonville, Lake Wales Library, and Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum-Clewiston
  • Mid-Module Potential Webinars: Risk Management and Insurance
  • Workshop #2: Collections Assessment/Practical Exercise
    Date: April 7, 2017
    Locations: TBD
  • Application Deadline: Closed
Module #3-Access and Use/Collections Care/Intellectual Property
  • Locations: Workshop #1: Webinar/In-Person Discussions
    Date: May 22, 2017
    Locations: Young at Art Museum-Davie, South Florida Museum-Bradenton, & Florida Historic Capitol Museum-Tallahassee
  • Mid-Module Potential Webinars: Digitization 
    Date: June 9, 2017
  • Workshop #2: Collections Assessment/Practical Exercise
    Date: June 23, 2017
    Locations: Ruth Funk Center-Melbourne, Wolfsonian-FIU, & Florida Historic Capitol Museum-Tallahassee
  • Application Deadline: Closed

Click here for information on the previous Florida Connecting to Collections 2013: Collections Management/Development Policies program.

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