Working with Emergency Personnel

As part of developing an emergency plan, you should take into consideration your institution’s interaction with the local emergency first responders. By building a relationship with emergency responders, your institution will be in a better position when an emergency occurs. In this module you will learn how to build a relationship with your emergency responders. Furthermore, you will find out how your institution can provide services to your community during an emergency situation.  

Working with First Responders and Emergency Personnel webinar is presented by Linda McWhorter, Preparedness Bureau Chief, Florida Division of Emergency Management

Webinar Length:  24 min. 57 sec.
Note:  When viewing the webinar a new browser page will open.  

Discussion Question: The webinar presented by the Florida Division of Emergency Management stressed how important it is to make contact with your local first responders, including your fire department, police department, and emergency medical technicians (EMT). Have you made contact with your local first responders? If so, in what ways have they assisted with the development of your emergency plan? If not, share ideas and solicit input from staff members about how to make contact and keep connected with first responders.

Online Resources
Florida Division of Emergency Management
See left side-bar for topics on emergency plans, disaster prevention, and Florida hazards

Florida Division of Emergency Management, County Emergency Management Listing

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Extreme Weather Information Sheets (contacts and weather monitoring resources)

Speaker Biography
Linda McWhorter is Preparedness Bureau Chief with the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

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