When an emergency situation occurs, staff will often be the first responders on the scene. They should have the expertise to deal with artifact salvage and recovery. Equally important are the emergency supplies you have onsite. Supplies can often be the difference between a salvageable collection, and a collection that can never be restored from the disaster. In this module you will learn about items to include in your onsite emergency supply kit. You will also hear the pros and cons of creating your own emergency supply kit, versus purchasing a ready-made supply kit. 

Supplies and Equipment webinar is presented by Elise V. LeCompte, Registrar and Assistant Department Chair, Florida Museum of Natural History. 

Webinar Length:  28 min. 39 sec.
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Discussion Question: Now that you know what disaster supplies you need to purchase, how will you prioritize what supplies to purchase first? Are pre-packaged disaster kits useful for your institution? Or would you be better off making your own kit?

Florida State University Libraries - Supplies Sample (.pdf) 

Manatee County Historical Records Library - Supplies Sample (.pdf)

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo - Supplies Sample (.pdf)

West Florida Historic Preservation Inc. - Supplies Sample (.pdf) 
Note:  When viewing the samples a new browser page will open.

Online Resources
Emergency Power Facility Assessment Tool - US Army Corps of Engineer Fact Sheet (.pdf) 

LYRASIS, In-House Supply Stockpile Checklist

National Park Service, Conserv-O-Gram, An Emergency Cart for Salvaging Water-Damaged Objects (2002)

Northern States Conservation Center, Emergency Response Kit (recommendations and links)

University Products, React Pak First Aid Kit for Disaster Preparedness

Speaker Biography
Elise LeCompte is Registrar for the Anthropology Division of the Florida Museum of Natural History, as well as Assistant Department Chair for the Museum’s Natural History Department, and Coordinator of Health and Safety for the Museum. She has over 24 years experience in the museum field, and has served as Collections Manager, Exhibit Registrar, and Conservation Technician at a number of museums in Florida. In addition, she performs consultant and contract work in the areas of collections, curation, and conservation. Elise has organized and taught workshops and presented papers at conferences and seminars on collections management, emergency preparedness, and disaster planning. She serves as a faculty member for the Museum Studies Program at the University of Florida and the Johns Hopkins University. She holds an MA in Archaeology and Chemistry from the University of Florida, and a BA in Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University.

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